Working out who is boss!

The first week was quite an adjustment to my new surroundings. I discovered a play mate but I don’t know at this stage whether the friendship goes both ways.

One night I waited patiently for him to get off the chair but all he could do is stair at me! Friend or foe?

Mexican Stand-off
Are you going to come down from there?

After the Mexican stand off the night before I spotted my friend in the backyard. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to have a play.

Where is that car? Click on image for video!

So after unsuccessfully playing with the black cat. I decided to start claiming my territory, starting with his bed!

Dog-cat bed
I believe it is rightfully mine

The day I chose my owner

What a day!  Im exhausted after selecting my new best friend Robert.  My new owner is luck to have me and took his time selecting me from my 5 other brothers

Initially, I thought Robert preferred one of my brothers as he was getting all the cuddles.  Fortunately, when I snuck in for a cuddle I also gave him a little love bite.  Just so that I stood out from the crowd

Great Dane Puppies. My brothers

As a Great Dane puppy, we are all very cute but we have a unique ability to sense when the right owner comes along and Robert was it!

I remember Robert slowly deselecting one brother at a time until there was only two of us left.  I became a shadow of Robert and that convinced him to finally select me!

Robert (dad) and I went into the other room together where we had our first ever photo together.

Great Dane Puppy
Finally I was selected! Photo with my new best friend

That same day, I experienced my first car ride.  I wasn’t sure about the the journey but once we were on the road, it all worked out.

Not sure about this car ride business!

Whilst the highlight of the day was having been selected by Robert, I was pretty happy with the new digs in Kew, Melbourne and of course my new water bowl and bed

Great Dane Waterbowls
This water bowl is ridiculously big!


Great Dane Puppy Bed
Is this a cats bed or a bed for a Great Dane Puppy?