Great Danes love for food

My owners often tell me that I have a bottomless pit for a stomach but I just think I love my food.  I haven’t found anything that I wont eat and sometime it gets me into trouble.  To all those puppy Great Danes that want to learn from my mistakes and the large vet bills that I have created for Robert & Tien I recommend you stay away from;

  • Fish hooks
  • Too many sausage rolls (40+)
  • Chicken skewers (incl. skewer sticks) 6+
  • Protein shake (1kg)

On the other hand, I would highly recommend that you encourage your owners with the following;

  • Boiled chicken
  • Sardines
  • Pigs ears (what a treat)
  • Chuck Bones

There also of those life indulges like Ice Cream and Pizza that i also love!

What to call a Great Dane, why the name Bismark?

This month I learnt a little bit about my name – Bismark (aka. Bissy).  Robert said that naming me was difficu
lt but the things that he factored into the name included; I was a Blue Great Dane, giant dog, likely to create havic and destroy a thing or two as a pup and that our breed is regal.

Robert’s dad (my grand dad) served in the Royal New Zealand Navy for 25yrs and Robert and his brother have always been fascinated by Naval ships & sea diving (I dont get blowing bubble under water but then again, Ive never tried).

Combining all of the above together, Robert decided to name me after a famous World War II battle ship called the Bismark (pic below):

To provide the history lesson, Robert took me to Williamstown where I visited a naval ship and got to play with some big guns – just looked, no firing 😉

Naval Ship