Great Dane Tips

5 things to consider before owning a great dane

  1. Chose a registered breader
    • Unfortunately, there are a number of breaders that are unregistered and that see breading Great Danes as purely a way of making money.
    • A registered breader is more likely to understand how to bread appropriately and to minimise the risk of future challenges with the bread (ie. hip displacer)
  2.  Love for couches
    • Great Danes if given the opportunity will own your couch.  If you dont want your couch to smell of your dog and have guests squashed I suggest training your Great Dane to remain off the couch from a young age.  Ideally by some dog beds and place them around the house close to where you spend most of your time at home.  Great Danes love being close to there owners.
  3. Exercise and Sleep
    • Whilst a puppy and even a young adult, Great Danes have a lot of energy but in small bursts.  Great Danes really only need a 30min walk per day but as a puppy, limit the amount of exercise (particularly jumping) due to there rapid development.  They will be hyper active and then go down for the count.
    • Later in life 3+ years they slow down and enjoy the bed more and more
  4.  Training
    • As a giant bread, Great Danes need training from a young age.  As a puppy they are far more manageable when they misbehave but the older they get the stronger they are.  If you install good training through puppy school and later dog school you wont regret the time investment later in there dog life.   Nothing worse than a 70+kg dog pulling on the lead!
  5.  Are you ready for the financial investment?
    • Great Danes are not a inexpensive bread to own.  Some extra-ordinary expenses over and above standard breads
      • Purchase cost - Approx $2,000
      • Food bills for good quality dry food can be $120 p.m
      • Pet insurance is approx $65 p.m
      • Vet bills - if x-ray is required is $500 - $700
      • Destruction - they love to make themselves at home (digging, chewing, all good puppy stuff)
You are welcome on my couch but only if there is room!