What are cushions good for?

My owners are obsessed with cushions.  Firstly I was kicked off my couch and they have replaced me with cushions (lots of them).  They are a favourite of Tien’s but I have discovered another purpose for them – Cushion Demolition.

Over the past few weeks I have made my way through about three or four but Im not worried as there are plenty more!

Cushion demolition

Choosing my first Great Dane Car

Well technically, I didn’t choose my first car but I know my breeder helped Robert (owner) with the selection. After looking at pre-owned cars online, Robert went with a Nissan X-trail which provides plenty of room for me to grow. The high ceiling and fold down back seats creates huge cabin space for me to roam around in.

When will I get my L plates?
When will I get my L plates?

Having said that, Robert knows that it is important that we are all safe when on the road so we typically use a Great Dane dog seat belt when we travel.

Whilst the Nissan is good fun and I would love to learn how to get my L plates I think I will wait until I am a little bit older before getting behind the wheel.