Great Dane Bones

Bones are like gobstoppers for kids.  We can naw at them for hours and unlike gobstoppers that rot your teeth, bones clean ours.  It is important to choose the right bones otherwise we can find ourselves in a lot of trouble.

For instance dont give us chicken bones as they can get lodged in our throat or splinter and hurt our stomach and intestine.  Robert swears by chuck bones or large marrow bones that are cut in quarters (width and length) this allow me to get to the tasty marrow par 😉

Great Dane Marrow Bones

What to call a Great Dane, why the name Bismark?

This month I learnt a little bit about my name – Bismark (aka. Bissy).  Robert said that naming me was difficu
lt but the things that he factored into the name included; I was a Blue Great Dane, giant dog, likely to create havic and destroy a thing or two as a pup and that our breed is regal.

Robert’s dad (my grand dad) served in the Royal New Zealand Navy for 25yrs and Robert and his brother have always been fascinated by Naval ships & sea diving (I dont get blowing bubble under water but then again, Ive never tried).

Combining all of the above together, Robert decided to name me after a famous World War II battle ship called the Bismark (pic below):

To provide the history lesson, Robert took me to Williamstown where I visited a naval ship and got to play with some big guns – just looked, no firing 😉

Naval Ship


What are cushions good for?

My owners are obsessed with cushions.  Firstly I was kicked off my couch and they have replaced me with cushions (lots of them).  They are a favourite of Tien’s but I have discovered another purpose for them – Cushion Demolition.

Over the past few weeks I have made my way through about three or four but Im not worried as there are plenty more!

Cushion demolition

Great Dane – Swimming Lessons

Its been a hot summer and after plenty of games with the hose, Robert finally decided to buy me a pool.  Whilst Robert wanted to show me the basics of swimming with my first lesson, I decided that the real game was trying to drag the pool around the back yard.

Must admit, I couldn't rip it apart despite multiple attempts during the day.  For anyone thinking about a paddling pool for a Great Dane, I highly recommend the one I got.  Easy to fold away, durable and big enough for me!


Great Dane – Horticulturalist

You when you dont know what you want to be when you grow up?  Well I have been pondering this over the last few months and today, I discovered what excites me - GARDENING!

Im not sure if I was putting the reticulation system in correctly so I had to pull it out a couple of times.  Eventually though, I think I got it right.  Great doing something that excites me even if it doesnt excite my owner

Great Dane Puppy School

Since day 1 Robert has been teaching me the basics (sit, drop, heel and stay) but the home schooling only takes you so far.  Clicker training has been the fastest way for me to learn.  For such a simple training tool, it it definetly keeps me focused

I joined four other puppies for some classroom work.  Whilst I was the only Great Dane in my class, I wasn't the only large dog, there were two Boxers, a German Shepherd and a Pit Bull Terrier.

Whilst I gained a lot from the class particularly social etiquette with other dogs, I feel as though Robert learnt the most.

Six key takeaways include:

  1. Training with positive reinforcement (encouragement, treats etc) not discipline
  2. Dog treats carry different currency (just like money) - typically boiled chicken, pigs ears etc are a higher order treats.  Higher order treats can be used when you are super impressed with a particular behaviour
  3. Socialising with other dogs from a young age is important.  We learn manners (dos and dont's). Whilst we are with other puppies, when we get it wrong, the result isn't as bad as getting it wrong with a fully grown  dog
  4. Puppy school and other dog training schools are there to teach the owner not the dog.  Most of the dog training happens with your owner not in the classroom
  5. Vaccinations and de-worming/fleaing is really important for your dogs health
  6. Pet insurance from a young age is worthwhile.  There are plenty of plans out there so shop around (if in Australia, I used PetPlan)

Day 1 - dog barriers are up to keep the classroom excitement down
Day 1 - dog barriers are up to keep the classroom excitement down

Choosing my first Great Dane Car

Well technically, I didn’t choose my first car but I know my breeder helped Robert (owner) with the selection. After looking at pre-owned cars online, Robert went with a Nissan X-trail which provides plenty of room for me to grow. The high ceiling and fold down back seats creates huge cabin space for me to roam around in.

When will I get my L plates?
When will I get my L plates?

Having said that, Robert knows that it is important that we are all safe when on the road so we typically use a Great Dane dog seat belt when we travel.

Whilst the Nissan is good fun and I would love to learn how to get my L plates I think I will wait until I am a little bit older before getting behind the wheel.

Great Dane Puppies love to sleep

At 12 weeks I am a ball of energy but I also crash and burn.

My favourite thing to do is sleep on one of my four beds that I have.  I encourage my owner to buy Snooza beds as they are Australian made and also by far the most comfy dog beds going around.

My Snooza bed
My Snooza bed - Click on image to see Snooza beds


Working out who is boss!

The first week was quite an adjustment to my new surroundings. I discovered a play mate but I don’t know at this stage whether the friendship goes both ways.

One night I waited patiently for him to get off the chair but all he could do is stair at me! Friend or foe?

Mexican Stand-off
Are you going to come down from there?

After the Mexican stand off the night before I spotted my friend in the backyard. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to have a play.

Where is that car? Click on image for video!

So after unsuccessfully playing with the black cat. I decided to start claiming my territory, starting with his bed!

Dog-cat bed
I believe it is rightfully mine